Saturday, February 1, 2014

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***Hello, everyone! So I know that we have been ghosts lately, with infrequent posts and long hiatuses, but since it is a new year (okay I'm a month late but you get the point) we are going to try to post more (keyword: try) but we do apologize for our absences. Now onto today's post: It is the type of fashion that makes your parents say, “I can’t believe that’s back in!” Well, they better believe it, because 1990s fashion has made a comeback. From crop tops to skater skirts and knee socks to the ever-present pair of high-waisted shorts, styles and fads from the ‘90s have become increasingly popular in the past few years.

Bloggers Hayden Noel and Evelina Barry, and celebrity Alexa Chung
The era of 1990s grunge was inspired by grunge/punk bands and consisted of oversized flannels, denim jackets, cropped graphic tees, chunky creeper shoes, and acid-washed jeans. I definitely get inspiration from the grunge scene myself, as my go-to sunny day outfit is the printed crop top, bleached high-waisted shorts and flannel combination with my Cherry Red Doc Martens. It is an easy outfit to put together and is, arguably, a street fashion staple.
Band tee: $16, Forever 21; flannels: $10, etsy; shorts: $60, Topshop; boots: $120, Dr. Martens

(Of course if you're not into the whole paying-$60-for-shorts thing, you can always thrift a pair of high-waisted jeans from places like Goodwill for cheap and cut them into your own bangin' pair of shorts.)
Pieces from Wildfox's Kids in America Collection, Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz in Clueless

While grunge fashion may not be for everyone, there are other preppy, Clueless-esque apparel that girls also turn to. Cardigans, long socks, and skater skirts are actually the reason for my existence. Although they aren't always the type of plaid, pleated skirt commonly seen during the time, modern, solid skater skirts paired with a bold, printed tops can be just as stylish, and could put even Cher Horowitz to shame (which is hard to do, because c'mon she is fabulous.)
Cardigan: $13, H&M; top: $46, Topshop; skirt: $15, Forever 21; socks: $13, Pacsun; Mary Jane heels: $150, Jeffrey Campbell

Whether you are into the whole grunge scene, love the preppy skirts, or prefer to dress to the beat of your own drum, I think we can all agree that 1990s fads are going to be here again for awhile, and if people try telling you that your ‘90s style outfits are lame, just say one thing-- ugh, as if!



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