Monday, February 24, 2014


Greetings, old friends; it's me, Dana. It's been quite a while since my last post, but alas! You'll be seeing a lot more of me in the near future.

So, what have I been doing these past 3.5 months? Schoolwork. And lots of it. Did you think it's mere coincidence that the first three letters of satisfaction are SAT? Of course not. But don't think I can't look fabulous while I'm partaking in hardcore studying! In fact, I've been doing just the opposite. Outfits during my impromptu absence include:

FOREVER 21 beanie // FOREVER 21 dress // FOREIGN EXCHANGE necklace // NORDSTROM boots

I found this dress for $13 during a Black Friday Miracle. I never pictured myself as a velvet girl--besides the cupcakes, of course--but this dress has since become a staple in my wardrobe! It's ridiculously versatile, accentuates what little curves I happen to possess, and adds a hint of elegance with its velvet fabric and cranberry color. 

H&M coat // SOMEWHERE IN ASIA crop top // FOREVER 21 skirt // NORDSTROM boots // MARC JACOBS bag // MAC "Sheer Plum" lipstick

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of the show Gossip Girl, and this outfit was definitely inspired by "Manhattan's elite." The long coat and black leggings and boots streamline my figure and create the illusion of slenderness and height, which, as a pear-shaped 5'1" girl, I often need. For me, this outfit is perfect for strutting around the city in--which is exactly what I did.

WICKED CLOTHES shirt // NEIMAN MARCUS leggings // NORDSTROM boots // MAC "Media" lipstick

I've created a reputation at my school as "resident feminist," which is a bit ridiculous considering the fact that anyone who believes in gender equality is essentially a feminist. (Shameless plug to my HuffPost article about why everyone, including boys, need feminism. Heh.) But anyway. The shirt reads "A woman's place is in the house and the senate," and as both a feminist and a lover of politics, I am doubly in love with it. Pretend the lollipop stick is a cigarette and color me a badass.

NORDSTROM cardigan // NORDSTROM pleather skirt // NORDSTROM boots // NORDSTROM sunnies // MAC "Media" lipstick

You might have seen this outfit in Daysia's previous post about our unplanned matching. (If not, scroll down just a tad.) I love pairing monochromatic clothes with deep, vampy lip colors, and this outfit is the archetype of that. Plus, the juxtaposition in textures between the fluffy cardigan and pleather skirt is something I simply love putting in my outfits. The circle shades complete the head-to-toe look and saved me from squinting quasi-angrily against the sun. 

As you can see, my love of Nordstrom always prevails.

Love always,

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