Wednesday, July 31, 2013

summer daze: on the road pt. 2

It's Dana again, coming to you from Los Angeles. More on that later, though; today, I'll be telling you about the remainder of my New York trip. After camp ended, I stayed for an extra week to do some extra sightseeing and, of course, shopping! Here are some of the highlights:

my "modern art" at coney island // columbus circle // boba via saint's alp teahouse

waiting for the subway // new threads via UO // view of greenwich village at the highline

columbia // nyu // yale

yale rare book library // yale dining hall // all yale errthang

the strand // iced coffee via eataly // pickups via artists&fleas and the strand

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

take me to tokyo + playlist

As the doom and gloom of the upcoming school year creeps ever closer, it's time to consider revamping our wardrobes for the new semester. One way to do this is to expose oneself to trends around the world to catch a glimpse of fashion in places far from home.

Today, let's take a trip to the streets of Tokyo. Beneath the flashing lights and glass skyscrapers is a concrete parade of self-expression. Tokyo street style is something I've really been getting into this summer thanks to the contrast between fun colors and straight up grunge, the posh minimalism or the eclectic mish-mosh of patterns, and the wicked hair/shoe/accessory decisions. Here's a playlist of a few Japanese artists I like to get you in the mood:

Keep in mind that while I wouldn't necessarily wear all these outfits, I would definitely incorporate their elements into my own style! (All images are from Tumblr and are not my own creative property; if you are the owner or subject of one of these photos and want me to take them down, please contact me.)


 So, there's a taste of Tokyo for you. I honestly admire these people for being so bold and expressive; the ability to be daring is a fashion blessing. Love it? Hate it? Will you be investing in pastel hair or tattoo tights any time soon, or do you think Tokyo fash should stay where it is? Let us know!

love always, dana x

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Monday, July 29, 2013

summer daze: on the road pt. 1

Howdy y'all! It's me, Dana, blogging live from New York City. For the past two weeks I've been at writing camp, but now I have a whole week to explore the city, shop, and blog, of course! Here's what I've been up to so far (crappy quality photos are from my iPhone, good quality photos courtesy of Ashley Yu):

The view from my 25th floor dorm at Juilliard was gorgeous. The dorm itself, not so much. I don't have a picture, but man, Juilliard dorms are pretty shabby. (The food's great however.)

Note: Christian Coulson, who appeared in A Picture of Autumn, played Tom Riddle in HP2. He is very very very attractive.

The Strand is the best bookstore ever. Where else can you get 6 books and a Gatsby sweater for a little over $100?

Third time seeing my faaaavorite musical.

We went to museums such as MoMA and the Met, where I saw these beautiful Pissaros and this lovely Monet. 

Fourth of July is fun, even for non-citizens such as myself.

They hid a burger joint (with crazily eclectic music selections--French opera then Mumford and Sons then hard rock) inside a classy hotel! They let us write on the walls, so I confessed my love to Logan Lerman.

New York City is a foodie's paradise. Taken at Chelsea Market and Grom Gelato.

Highline Park is perfect for pictures. (And alliteration.)

Of course, I also did a lot of writing at camp, as well. I learned and improved so much while enjoying New York culture. Overall, I'm having a blast! The weather is mad hot, but that's what air conditioning and gelato is for. Thanks for staying tuned!


Friday, July 26, 2013

oh crop

GAP Flannel Shirt // PIZZA MY HEART T-Shirt // FOREVER 21 Black Shorts // FOREVER 21 Belt // GIFTED Aviator Sunglasses // VANS Black Sneakers

Hey folks! Well here's a quick lil OOTD after a couple idle weeks. Today I wore my cut Pizza My Heart cropped shirt with a flannel over and some shorts.

Speaking of cutting shirts, I've been experimenting with a bunch of DIYs with some of my old shirts. I found a few websites with tutorials from crop tops to tank tops and even bandeaus! A lot of the tops came out pretty well and I believe that I have finally mastered the art of cropping a bland tee. (Tip: Cut the shirt right below the belly button then, try it on and stretch out the bottom. The bottom will curl and the cut will be a nice crop!) Hope y'all are having a good summer!  


Thursday, July 4, 2013

like an american

URBAN OUTFITTERS White Tank Top //  MOSSIMO Khaki Shorts // HAND-ME-DOWN Blue Bandana // NORDSTROM Leather Satchel // GIFTED Bracelets and Pin // TOMS Navy Classic Canvas Shoes

Hey y'all! It's Independence Day and of course, I had to wear the classic American colors, red, white, and blue! I chose some light choices today, because it was scorching hot. I especially love my bandana; I feel like it's very patriotic in relation to the working American woman due to Rosie the Riveter's iconic red one. It also kept my hair from sticking to my face on this grossly humid day. 

I hope you all had a great Fourth of July (whether you're from America or not) and ate some great food!