Saturday, February 22, 2014

days are going


Recently I've had what I call a mid-mid-(mid?)-life crisis. Constant thoughts include: "Oh wow I'm about halfway done with high school" and "I need to think about college apps soon" and "How am I going to function on my own?" and, "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE???" Of course this is just a bout of overthinking, as I have quite a while before I graduate and I am a literal child, but I can't help it. Anticipating the near future is as exciting as it is exhausting, but if I am going to move away in a couple years, I need to appreciate the things around me now.

Views from the San Mateo Bridge.

The Meter Garden in Downtown San Mateo.

Ryder Park.

Recent events got me thinking that life can really change in an instant. Tomorrow may be completely different than today. Today was in fact quite ordinary-- I had crossed a bridge that I have become accustomed to crossing, I sat at the Meter Garden that I have passed a number of times before, and I went to a park that I have known since I was a little kid. Except today, I captured it all on my phone, the places that in a couple years would not be accessible to me. I had taken a good look at everything, and I know I'll have many more chances to do so in the next two years and later in my life, but maybe not in the same way I view it now.

RALPH LAUREN Shirt // AMERICAN EAGLE Jeans // DR. MARTEN'S Boots // FOREVER 21 Sunglasses // FOREVER 21 Jacket

Anyways, since this is our fashion blog I have to throw in my outfit of the day! I opted for a plain look because 1) I was too lazy to do anything elaborate and 2) I only went to the park. And that's about it! 

catch you on the flipsies,
Daysia x

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