Tuesday, March 11, 2014

nosebleeds, palm trees, and tumbleweeds rustling

Hello hello!
Spring is just around the corner and with it comes warmer weather, allergies, and more sunlight. I know it is still technically winter, but sunny days have come to California early, and I am seizing every opportunity I can to wear my spring/summer clothes.

(I don't know what's going on here)

FOREVER 21 kimono // URBAN OUTFITTERS shorts // H&M tee // CONVERSE shoes 

I have become quite fond of kimonos lately and with spring quickly approaching, I am quite sure I'm going to be stocking up.  I think I have three right now (oops) but they really are the perfect thing to wear on a day that isn't too cold or too hot. The light fabric allows a breeze to cool you down on the warmer days, and although it probably shouldn't be your first choice as an alternative to a jacket on those colder days, it blocks a little bit of wind still. 

Today I paired one of my kimonos with a pair of shorts that I was very excited to wear today. What can I say, I have a thing for high waisted shorts and I haven't worn any in months.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking: "But sweater weather is better weather!!!!1111!!!1!" Well, to be honest, my undying love for shorts (and skirts) will always trump comfy sweaters. Sorry 'bout it.

Anyways, sorry this is a really short post, but hopefully we'll post something longer soon! (But hey at least we're posting more right? It's a start)

besitos xx, 

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