Monday, September 1, 2014

kickin' it ivy league: photo diary

(I'm alive, I swear. After a long, long hiatus, OOTDs and the like are coming up.)

Last month, I went to Brown University to study public policy at the Brown Summer Leadership Institute. The two weeks I spent there were some of the most enlightening and liberating weeks of my life, and I've decided to share with you all my Providence adventures.

Oops, I totally forgot where I took this photo.

John Carter Brown Library.

The campus is breathtaking. When I first arrived, my travel-weary eyes went wide open--from the old-fashioned brick buildings to the intricately crafted metal gates, I was absolutely enamored. It took a few days for the shock to wear off and for me to realize that I, even if only for two weeks, was really studying at Brown University. 

Doing homework at College Hill Cafe; eyebag game was so strong.

Polaroid of some of my classmates and I.

My class was taught by a professor at Brown's graduate public policy program, and it was one of the smaller classes at the Leadership Institute--including myself, there were 17 eager young leaders studying public policy. To keep it short, we learned about policy analysis and program evaluation, developing "action plans" to improve public policy issues in our communities. As an aspiring political science major, the knowledge I gained was invaluable, even if I constantly stayed up past midnight finishing the thirty-page readings.

View of Downtown Providence from Prospect Park.

Nice Slice Pizzeria, my second home.

Luminaria lanterns at WaterFire Providence.

Sea star (Patrick?) at Narragansett Ba(e)y Aquarium.

Black milk tea via Tealuxe + bulgogi and aloe drink via Mama Kim's food truck.

As packed as my schedule was, in my free time, I was able to explore Providence and discover just how awesome it is. The food is diverse and delicious--I even found some good boba places (which I thought I'd never find on the East Coast), and even though California boba reigns superior, my milk tea cravings were definitely satisfied. Providence itself has such a chill yet thriving culture, and the city emanates both New England charm and urban "artsiness." I felt like I was back home in San Francisco but with far less crowding, a lot more sun, and more of an East Coast vibe.

Impromptu photoshoot at Easton's Beach.

Shameless selfie on the grass near the VDub.

Party at Perkins Hall??

Seaweed, bird poop, and smiles abound at Easton's Beach.

Amigos y amigas!!!

All good things must end; snapchat from my last night at Brown. Prospect Park again.

After two years of monotony in high school, being at Brown was a much needed change of scenery, a headfirst dive into a maelstrom of new experiences: new environment, new subject matter, new people. Because of that, I can honestly say that I left Brown a different person: more informed, more confident, more outgoing--a better leader. I know I sound hyperbolic and overly sentimental, but between questionable dining hall food and cavorting in the Main Green and tiring yet worthwhile leadership workshops and staying up until 4 AM cracking up and eating junk food, what can I say? It. Was. Life-changing.

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