Monday, September 1, 2014

escapades: ootd + diary

NORDSTROM sunnies // INTERACT D5150 t-shirt // EBAY suspender skirt // NORDSTROM boots

EYEKO eye do eyeliner // MAC lipstick in "media"

spirited away henna on my wrist

urban doubtfits ft. potatoes and milk tea

The annual festival came to town this weekend, and that inevitably meant work for Daysia and I. Our Interact Club sells beverages at the festival every year, and as president and vice-president of the club, we came decked in our Interact wear. We sold oodles of drinks thanks to our super effective advertising skills (aka us chanting "Get hydrated, get get hydrated" and attempting to juggle water bottles). After my shift, I got a No-Face henna on my wrist; as always, it was grossly overpriced, but no festival is complete without one.

In other news, I don't recommend buying Eyeko's Eye Do eyeliner. It makes gorgeous lines and wings, but the pen tip is oddly shaped and it smears quite a lot on humid days; plus, the tip starts drying out after two weeks, and after a month it's practically unusable. So although I did enjoy Eye Do during its short time span, I can't justify buying a new one every two weeks when a trusty Stila will last for months at the same price.

Final note: I'm starting to become a huge fan of pigtail braids. I used to think they were too juvenile, but I'm really digging the whimsical vibes the hairstyle gives off. Not to mention that braids are a quick fix on a bad hair day.

Hope your Labor Day weekend is peachy keen so far!

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