Friday, March 14, 2014

from up on capitol hill

I've been having severe Berkeley MUN withdrawals lately, and my half-awake mind pulled together this business casual outfit in a subconscious attempt to relive my experiences representing Canada in the G-20. (For those of you who've never heard of MUN, or Model United Nations, it's exactly what it sounds like.) 

FOREVER 21 blouse // ZARA blazer // BANANA REPUBLIC cords // FERRAGAMO flats

As I've mentioned before, I'm a huge purporter of juxtaposition, be it of textures, colors, fiscal policies... (Aha, another withdrawal symptom.) The contrast between a black blazer and a colorful pant is classically chic, and I am in love with the blazer's structured shoulders yet generally loose fit. Better yet, this look is ridiculously versatile--I can't think of a single occasion for which this outfit wouldn't be suitable. Or perhaps Model UN has skewed my view of fashion forever, limiting me to the pinstripes and grayscale of Western Business Attire. 

Is it terrible that I don't mind?

Session adjourned, delegates.


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