Friday, August 16, 2013

you kiss by the book

FOREVER21 skirt and denim shirt // H&M tank top // SODA SHOES sneaker flatforms

School's back in session, which means I'm having war flashbacks to freshman year. I'm pretty sure all of my posts are going to end up as quotes from Shakespeare. (The title is from when Romeo kisses Juliet for the first time and she totally just tells him that he's a so-so kisser. Burn.)

These shoes have been an absolute staple for me. I got them for just $35 at the wonderful Irvine Spectrum and they're perfect for throwing on any outfit to dress it down. Plus, they give me extra height, which is ideal for little 5'1 girls like me. When sweater weather comes along, these look adorable with thigh highs.

I just had two tests today, the third day of school, marking the first time I've actually studied for anything in about two years. I need time to recuperate. Catch you next time.

I shall see you anon (look, more Shakespeare speak),

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