Wednesday, November 5, 2014

hardly haunting

Hello folks!

Yes I know it's been a while, and I'M SORRY WE ABANDONED YOU FOR A MONTH.

Regardless, I've come with a quick recap of my Halloween (almost a week late I know).

I didn't feel like I had so much time to prepare this year, and so I stayed up late on the night of October 30th, trying to find a quick and easy last-minute costume.

Should I be rough and tough Rosie the Riveter?

Nope, it just didn't look right for me with my ill-fitting boyfriend jeans, frumpy denim shirt, and flat hair that wouldn't cooperate with my red bandana.

Maybe Daria (the costume that I had prepared for earlier)?

I could have BUT I was missing the glasses! So it didn't feel right.

So what did I settle for?

A totally 90's rad outfit that hardly resembled an outfit worn by Ashley Banks in one episode of Fresh Prince.

Photos by the lovely Georgina Espinosa.

HANDED-DOWN jacket and skirt // AMERICAN APPAREL turtleneck crop top // MOSSIMO wedges // F21 necklace

SO, maybe it wasn't a super creative or well-known costume, but at least I tried! Although many people commented that it looked like a regular outfit that I would wear on a regular day... I guess that's a sign that the costume was made for me?

Or maybe I was just lazy. BUT IT WAS A GOOD ATTEMPT.


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