Friday, June 28, 2013

beauty is pain

FOREVER 21 Graphic Muscle Tee and Grey Belt // WASTELAND High-Waisted Studded Shorts // CONVERSE Low Top Sneakers // HOMEMADE Black Headband

Wassup everyone! After a bout of foggy summer skies, the weather finally allowed me to wear shorts again! I fell in love with this pair the minute I saw them and despite the hefty price, I had to have them. So, of course, I bought them (well, actually my aunt agreed to get them for me as a late birthday gift) and I've been wearing them on nice sunny days ever since. The shirt, thankfully, was cheaper and it paired quite nicely with the shorts. As for the other pieces, the Converses were handed down to me and I made the headband out of scraps of fabric!

So today, I went out and got my eyebrows done. Prior to my appointment, I asked my friends about their past experiences on the waxing table. They all told me it was quite painful, so I was super nervous about getting them waxed. Long story short, I went to the waxing place and it didn't hurt at all! My brows ended up lookin' pretty nice, actually. Well, that was the highlight of my day (is that sad, I don't know), I hope your all having a good day!


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