Friday, April 25, 2014

literal goddesses

We took a trip to the city today to meet Jenn Im and Stephanie Villa at their meet-and-greet. Needless to say, they are literal goddesses.

Jenn and Steph have been HUGE fashion inspirations for us personally, and Jenn's videos were a part of our inspiration to start this blog. Whether or not we have the readership, her style vlogs threw us deeper into the urban fashion scene and helped us develop our own personal tastes to share with you all.

HAND-ME-DOWN denim jacket & leggings // PAPAYA crop top // Forever 21 belt // TARGET x MOSSIMO booties // COTTON ON bag // TARGET necklace (hidden under my shirt also borrowed from the bae Christin)

21MEN denim jacket // NORDSTROM cardigan, skirt, & boots // UNIQLO shirt // PACSUN necklace

"Why." -Daysia

"A literal goddess is touching me." -Dana

"I'm cheesing hella hard and I'm also still internally crying!!!!!" -Daysia

"Steph being supes flawless while me and Angelene try not to freak out." -Daysia

We spent the week stressing over what to wear, because what do you wear when you meet your fashion muse? Finally, we settled on these beauts.

They were also extremely nice, despite our tongue-tiedness, and they were so down-to-earth and just simply amazing. Of course, they were both dressed perfectly. They both wore minimal black and white ensembles, Jenn wearing a black pleather tee over a white button down and a white skater skirt and Stephanie wearing black pants and a black mesh top with a white blazer. I (Daysia) saw both of them and just looked at Dana, mouth-agape, and did like a weird, wheezy whisper-scream (I have no idea.)

Highlights of the night include: 

  • Jenn telling me she'd wear my outfit (actual life goal met)
  • Hugging Steph and Jenn and taking selfies with them
  • Steph being super cool despite my inability to press the button on my phone camera
  • Giving both of them lil pastry things with notes from me and Angelene
  • ANGELENE SAYING "I'M LITERALLY SH*TTING MYSELF RIGHT NOW" TO JENN AND JENN SAYING "I'LL GET YOU SOME TOILET PAPER." Also Jenn laughed and called herself awkward and I just stood there like "same."
  • MEETING MY STYLE ICONS. They were so genuine, nice, and gorgeous. After seeing them I got a newfound motivation to run this blog better, and to continue to develop my own sense of fashion.
  • Jenn complimenting my cardigan! (In actuality, I thought of her when I bought it.)
  • Jenn telling me to "keep working at it" when I told her that she inspired me to start a fashion blog.
  • Stephanie saying "Thanks for coming," and me replying "You too!" (I swear, I'm not always a dork.)
  • The staff passing out these delicious chips and orange juice. (I offered some to Jenn and she said no because she was chewing gum.)
  • As Daysia said, meeting my style icons! It's so motivating to meet the people who inspire you and remember that they, too, are human beings (despite being literal goddesses) and were probably awkward teenagers at some point, too.
Dana & Daysia

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